The King Game | Japanese Game


Hello everyone !! Today is bring you a Japanese drinking game called ♛OUSAMA GAME♛. I was looking for few anime which have this game but it seem like not everyone knows about this game which it motivated me to do this blog!! Hope you enjoy!!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Everyone except kids can play this game and drinking is optional. Do you like to torture your friends? If yes, then you should try this out. It is really fun, trust me!! So let’s get started!!


The♛OUSAMA GAME♛ is very popular among uninhibited university students in Japan. Since the word “OUSAMA” means King, it is also known as the♕KING’s GAME♕. In this game, one player will be elected as the King, and will give funny dares as “Orders” which other players have to perform. The game involves much hilarity and humiliation. Therefore, the players are required to embarrass themselves. It is quite popular in some anime and manga. Couple anime’s such as Baka to Test to Shokanjuu and Persona 4 have also portrayed this game in their series, but we’ll get into that in other post.



The only rule that every player have to obey is




Material Needed

Chopsticks/Paper, Markers/Pen/Pencil



⇴Gather a number of chopsticks that equals to the number of players.

⇴ Write “OUSAMA” or “KING” on one of the chopsticks and number the rest from 1 upwards. Then someone holds the chopsticks with the number sides in his/her fist so the numbers are concealed, or you can put it in a cup!!


⇴Everyone draws a stick without telling anyone their number and the lucky person with the “OUSAMA” chopstick will give orders to other players to perform by stating their numbers (without knowing who they are).

EX – “Number three must sit on number five’s lap” or “Number four kiss number six”

“Number one and number two have to exchange underwear in front of other players” and etc.

I was once ordered by my friend to ask a girl out and to do other cruel dares.(Which was quite embarrassing)


⇴After each deed is done, the chopsticks are gathered again and the process is repeated, so everyone will get a chance to become the King to take revenge on the players who tormented them on the previous rounds. (which i did by asking him to get slap by the same girl he ordered me to ask out LOL)


⇴ As you can imagine, this game will be extremely fun and it gives you a chance to torture your friends :smiling_imp: . This game will make you laugh and help you relieved your stress. By the time you finish the game, you will groan with shame and regret. But at least you have fun right? I hope you can try this game out with your friends and have fun!