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Music Recommendation: Touhou Project fanworks 02

One of the influential music came from Touhou project in pop categories came from Shinrabansho circle which is led by Kaztora, the composer. Kaztora also lead a sister group which is called Liz-Triangle, which is named due to the trinity of the member, Kaztora the composer, lily-an the vocalist, and uncredited lyricist.

Back in 2017 they need to suspend their music doujin activity because of lily-an taking maternity leave, this year they came back with one new album and compilation album.

As of now, I will recommend you to Liz-triangle song that is my favourite. Link to their PV of Halation Remotion are provided above. Below is crossfade of their album compilation for sample on what you can expect. Some of their song will be available on music streaming service or digitally, however most of them are physical exclusive for time period after their release, requiring you to order them from melonbooks site.

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